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You Know You Need A Ride - It's What? Forty Blocks Back To Your House?

Quick, Follow those Fares! - Making It Easier to Get a Cab in OC

CAYellow.com is the cab service for Orange County, California. Offering 24 hour a day seven day a week service. You can estimate your fare, reserve a cab, and even track your trip all online through this great site. You can also use this service knowing that they provide green cabs and shuttles as well as airport shuttles and more.


Services Provided:
CSSASP Organic Search
Complete Website Redesign, CSS Conversion and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Redesign CAYellow.com to make the site more user friendly for those looking for an Orange County taxi or shuttle. Also update the site to become more search engine friendly.

The Problem:

Thhe site had a much older code laden design that could use both a refreshning and revamping of the overall design of the site. As well it really needed to be optimized for proper search engine relevance.

The Solution:

Website Redesign, CSS Conversion and Organic Search Engine Optimization.

We took this site back to formula so to speak by completely redesigning it from the ground up. We dropped load times, while still adding functional pieces of flash that help the users find the information they need right away. As well we setup the navigation and structure as such so that they meet current search engine guidelines. We're really proud of this current website design.

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