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Plastic Surgeon Website - Beautifying Surgeons who Beautify

One of the co-op web designers, that we use quite often here at Web Designers 411, has started a new company offering design and marketing services to plastic surgeons all over the world. Apparently the market is grossly under served and the competition that is live for this segment is not offering any kind of real quality. For example the designers serving plastic surgeons right now are serving template driven, duplicate content based cms systems that are nothing more than a plug and play application that these “designers” are charging over $10,000 for to each new surgeon.


Services Provided:
Medical DesignDoctor Marketing
Complete Website Redesign, CSS Conversion and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Offer a website and identity design platform to plastic surgeons to help them not only exceed, but excel on the web. They also offer plastic surgery marketing packages along with the different standard design aspects.

The Problem:

Currently the offerings are quite slim for W3C and copyscape compliant designs for plastic surgeons. The current bevy of design companies specifically targetting plastic surgeons are using code laden templates, primarily all duplicate content, ASP backends, and dynamic generated content that destroyed these sites before they even began.

The Solution:

Website Redesign and Organic Search Engine Optimization.

Develop a site that offers what no one else in that segment is offering and offer it at pricing that is more than competitive. As the#1 ranked designers for surgeons looking for a website it's confirmed, mission accomplished.

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