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Take A Bite Out Of The Online Lending Market - Crunch! Ouch! My Tooth!

Jump The Shark - Mortgage Company Establishes "Killer" Brand

1800LoanShark.com has to be one of our favorite projects. It's one of those sites that when we were done we said "Damn, I did that!" it's also one of those sites that others have come up to us and said "Damn! You did that?!" (but in a good way). Establishing a brand that has a real value, but doing it in a playful way will always help to build your brands recognition.


Services Provided:
SEOWebsite Design PHP
Graphic Design, Corporate Identity Package, Website Design, Very Custom PHP Programming

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Help to create a brand that invites not only borrowers and consumers to apply for a loan, but also brings on other loan officers and brokers who are interested in working with a brand that is going to receive a lot of attention.

The Problem:

Get the site and programming done on time on schedule and make sure it all meshes. (Not a problem, basically)

The Solution:

Graphic Design, PHP Programming, Website Design and Complete Identity and Branding Packages

We created an easy one step update platform for the rates, created branding and identity materials, a complete backend system that allows people to find a "Loan Shark" by area code so they always work with someone near them. We also worked to establish the "Loan Shark" properly within the frame. Basically what you see is what our team put together. Yes, we did rock it that hard.

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