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Securing You, Your Facilities And All That You Hold Dear - My Dear

Secure Your Facilities - Defending Everything You Hold Near

Archangel-int.com provides its clients with the safety and security that they require. Archangel covers threat assesment, security analysis, as well as, the actual securing of your facility itself.


Services Provided:
SEOWebsite Design PHP
Graphic Design, Flash and PHP

Technology Used:
PHP / Flash

The Goal:

Create a new home for the Archangel corporation online.

The Problem:

They needed a website. We were just the designers to get it done.

The Solution:

Graphic Design, CSS / XHTML, Flash, and PHP/Feeds.

A simple and to the point website that includes elements of flash, CSS/XHTML, as well as custom PHP feeds. Designed to provide an online home that could provide information, recruit new employees, and showcase the security that this company offers.

Do you like a little Flash or PHP with your coffee in the morning? The Hire Our Team Today