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Your Doctor knows how to use a computer?

Electronic Medical Records - Can It Get That in an MP3 Format?

Meditresources.com is leading the way in the implementation of electronic medical records, otherwise known as EHR or EMR software. They provide not only the needed electronic medical record software to take patient information online and centralized, but they also provide training, hardware, and complete implementation to physician offices of all sizes.


Services Provided:
CSSPHP Organic Search
Website Update, CSS Conversion and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Work within the current design to avoid going with a full redesign (to keep costs to a bare minimum) while optimizing the site for optimal organic search engine rankings.

The Problem:

The old design was not congruent to proper design principles and the ability to build the site utilizing proper organic search engine ranking standards. We did what we could within budgetary standards to bring it up to our SEO standards.

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