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Manufacturing Design - A Good Place To Begin

For over thirty years Price Manufacturing Company, a leader in the screw and CNC machining industry, has built an impeccable reputation with their customers; A reputation not only built on the quality and precision of their machined parts and products, but in the implementation of their excellent customer service and support.


Services Provided:
CSSASP Organic Search
Complete Website Redesign, CSS and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

We had two primary goals with this site; Design and SEO.

Design: Transform the older site design to make it easier for clients to circumnavigate the website, thus increasing conversions and inquiries.

SEO: Naturally increase their organic positioning on the major search engines for their unique industry specific keywords and phrases, thus increasing the number of conversions and inquiries.


The Problem:

No real problems with this design. No kind of messy programming, just straight forward redesign/CSS conversion. A proverbial “breath of fresh air” you might say.

The Solution:

Website Redesign, CSS, Organic Search Engine Optimization and Extreme Machininess!

We implemented a design that allows the screw machine products, above all else, to really take center stage. It was a bit of a juggling act in order to keep the images as high def as possible, while still, of course, keeping them web and search engine friendly. We had a lot of quality input from the client, which if you’ve ever been in any kind of design industry, you know is a great thing to have.

The SEO we are still implementing. The industry is a bit of a mixed bag. There is not a lot of sites that are under an SEO, but most of the sites are WELL aged, have great natural backlinks (with some authority) and that is allowing them to dominate a lot of the keywords. We hope to work positively within the industry, building the online representation of the company, to build the strength that a company with this age and reputation deserves.

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