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Lead, Follow, Or Just Get Out Of The Way. Mortgage Me Oh My!

Leading The Way - How To Design for the B2B Crowd

Exclusivemortgageleads.com is one of the original purveyors of actual internet generated mortgage leads. They basically help mortgage lenders find people to give money to but they do it a little differently by going through organic traffic channels instead of doing all of those spam emails I KNOW you've received or receive daily...


Services Provided:
SEOWebsite Design PHP
Complete Website Design, PHP programming and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

To build a site that helps mortgage brokers find the exclusive mortgage leads they need to essentially stay in business.

The Problem:

The original site was put up sometime in 2001 and used layers (yes the old layers from dreamweaver) to construct most of the site. It's browser compatability, needless to say, sucked. While they ranked for a few of their keywords for the age, and really the brand of this company, they were nowhere near where realistically they should be in terms of SE positioning.

The Solution:

Website Design, PHP Programming and Organic Search Engine Optimization.

We came in and completely redesigned the site from beginning to end. Now they have made a few changes to the site since then, but the primary design is still in place. The ranking has increased dramatically, traffic increased about 200%, and we were able to help them sustain long term viability.

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