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Is It Getting Hot In Here? Or Is That Just This Cool Jacket?

Hot Clothing / New Look - To Get You Heated Up

VentureHeat.com is a custom clothing company that offers heated clothing. They wanted something hot to update their site and they wanted a CMS to help them manage their look long term. We built a completely custom Joomla platform site with customized shopping cart system utilizing the quickbooks merchant account setup. Barely recognizeable as a Joomla based site the overall look is on par with the quality of some of the larger clothing manufacturers in the genre.


Services Provided:
Organic Search Joomla Customization
Complete Website Redesign, PHP / MySQL programming.

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Create a new look for this "hot" clothing company.

The Problem:

Programming. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS (did we mention Lots?) of programming involved. This site was definitely labor intensive from the get go. What was left from the Joomla infrastructure isnt a whole lot. So much integration took place that it took our programming staff over 100 hours to complete just the changes that came up during the middle of the project.

The Solution:

Website Redesign

This is one of those grin and bare it kind of projects. Especially when you are talking about such intricate details when it comes to the programming of a project like this. Not even taking into account the changing of the images, addition of custom rollovers, flash integration, and so much more. This is the kind of project you come out the other side a bit wiser for having done it and proud for having accomplished it.

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