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When your pet needs a vet there's only one to choose? You bet!

Cat Scans and Lab Tests - Caring for your Furry Family Members

FamilyMember.com is a full service, state of the art veterinary hospital serving the pets and families of Orange County, California.The friendly and professional staff focuses on prevention and hands on care with each and every furry Family Member that comes into their practice. With over 25 years of experience and a dedication to the comfort and care of family members with fur, fins or feathers, Family Member Orange County Veterinary Hospital keeps pets smiling.


Services Provided:
CSSASP Organic Search
Complete Website Redesign, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Custom Flash Animation, New Logo Design

Technology Used:
CSS / HTML / Flash

The Goal:

Brands like Family Member are some our favorite to work with. While they may not be the least expensive vet in the area, Family Member represents the most cutting edge of veterinary medicine and education. The level of personal care and attention each pet recieves under their treatment is unmatched in their industry. Family Member endources a holistic level care for your pets from "puppy through life" that focuses on prevention rather than over-medication. The clients FamilyMember.com needed to attract were well-educated, high earning residents of south Orange County. We needed the new website redesign to reflect not only the high-end market but also the "warm and fuzzy" feeling tied to their high level of comfort and care, and establish that this high level of care will be given to each patient: your pet.

The Problem:

While FamilyMember is indeed a cutting edge company and brand, their website hadn't been cutting edge since they launched it back in the late 90s. I believe that a quick jaunt in the way-back-machine would prove that their site was quite impressive back-in-the-day, but we needed to bring the site back into the present moment and re-establish their high-end, leading-edge brand.

The Solution:

Website Redesign, CSS, Custom Flash, Custom Identity and Organic Search Engine Optimization.

We built this site off a simple three-column grid system with plenty of real esate for each element. By keeping adequate margins between each element and allowing for plenty of negative space, we hoped to convey the high-end appeal their brand requires. The color sheme is a sophisticated take on KSU purple as requested by the super-fan lead veterinarian -- and the result is anything but collegiate football. This design represents our skill in listening to and honoring clients' ideas and desires while still bringing to bear our design and branding expertise.

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