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More than veneers, ProDental will give you a brand new set of teeth

Take a Bite Out of Your Dentist Website - It's Got Teeth!

ProDentalWebDesign.com provides complete online solutions focused on the dental industry. From custom website design to organic search engine optimization to complete branding services, ProDental has the knowledge, experience and skills to craft, develop and implement online marketing strategies that bring in more new dental patients and retain more existing patients with follow-up messages and consistent branding. If a dental practice is looking to increase its business using the internet, Professional Dental Web Site Design is the place to start.


Services Provided:
CSSASP Organic Search
Custom Website Design, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Custom Branding, Flash Animation, Custom Blog, Twitter Graphics Package

Technology Used:
CSS / HTML, Flash, WordPress

The Goal:

The ProDental website had to do many things at once. It had to display a level of professionalism and expertise that immediately suggests to a user that ProDental is indeed the expert in dental online marketing. The website also had to direct, or funnel, users into the services areas that most dental professionals are looking but also the areas ProDental wanted these users to visit. We needed to create clear calls-to-action and contactability on each page in order to fully maximize the users visiting this site and turn them into new potential sales leads.

The Problem:

The ProDental website had to do many things at once. We faced the hurdle of having to prioritize every service and feature offered by ProDental in order to best serve its users and not overwhelm the design with too many same-priority elements. Essentially we needed to focus on a hierarchy for the site's elements among the new custom blog, twitter account, various services offered, and live chat features. Beyond establishing order among the elements, the message and branding had to be consistently spot on in order to get dental practices to trust ProDental with their online image and marketing.

The Solution:

Website Design, Organic Search Engine Optimization, Custom Branding and Identity.

Beginning with a friendly, yet traditionally business color scheme of blues and khakis, we built the ProDental brand to sit somewhere between typical Corporate branding and familiar Dental branding. Aiming to be cast as "Business for Dentists" we used smiling-clients stock photos and mixed them with a more elegant, corporate typography. When creating the logo, we used contemporary design techniques to place ProDental as a cutting-edge, internet company, but retained strong classical Corporate ID principles to create an identity longer-lasting than most Web 2.0 logos but more enticing and current than most traditional corporate logos. With a strong plan for the branding, we were able to "say" a lot of what needed to be communicated to potential clients prior to any text-content at all.

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