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Radiosurgery Awesomeness - Sometimes it's the ONLY system

Cyberknife of Southern California at Vista offers new reasons to hope for patients with complex or inoperable Cancer tumors. With new, previously non-existant cancer treatment options, Cyberknife serves as an outstanding alternative for those ineligible for surgery or chemotherapy. Cyberknife physicians introduced radiosurgery to San Diego County more than 17 years ago and have performed roughly 80% of its radiosurgery cases.


Services Provided:
CSSOrganic Search Website Design
Complete Website Redesign, Custom Blog and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:
Content Management Software

The Goal:

Working with the existing branding for this cutting-edge cancer treatment alternative, our goal was to make it much easier for patients to learn more about their own specific type of cancer treatment options, specifically the Cyberknife radiosurgery system.

The Problem:

The original site was a bit dated not only aesthetically but technically with it's overwhelming use of tables. This was a case of the "design" getting in the way of the information as many tables weren't even padded properly to create decent margins, but the strange repeating background felt like something was 'broken.' The site's content was also almost entirely geared towards medical professionals and was difficult for common web users to understand.

The Solution:

Website Redesign, Flash Animation, Custom Blog Design, Organic Search Engine Optimization.

Our first approach was to clean up the presentation of the information. We worked within the established color scheme of their brand and looked at Cyberknife of SoCal's marketing materials to create a cohesive web design to compliment and enchance the brand. We created graphical buttons to represent each type of the common cancer treatment options provided and placed them prominently on the new homepage design. This has resulted in many more pageviews and longer time spent on the site. These new treatment pages were written by the marketing department at Cyberknife and directed towards web users and not medical professionals. With the inclusion of a Contact Form on each page, Cyberknife of SoCal saw a dramatic increase in web contacts from the day they launched their new site.

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