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Legally speaking... would be difficult since they're only attorney web designers

What do you call an Attorney at the top of Google? - A Good Start

AttorneyMarketingCenter.com has become the focal point of online marketing for attorneys, lawyers and legal professionals all over the country. Providing one of a kind, guaranteed, marketing services Attorney Marketing Center helps attorneys attract more affluent clientele through attorney marketing programs that allow them to work smarter not harder.


Services Provided:
CSSASP Organic Search
Complete Website Redesign, CSS and organic search engine optimization

Technology Used:

The Goal:

Redesign one of the oldest marketing and design companies for attorneys online while maximizing ranking. It is our site after all, of course we're going to make it sing...

The Problem:

It is one of our designed sites. There was no problem. Why do you keep asking about problems? IF we design the site there are no problems. We fix other designers problems. In fact 40% of our business comes in just fixing other designers complete screw ups. No an image that takes 30 seconds to DL is NOT acceptable Mr. "designer".

The Solution:

Website Redesign, CSS, Organic Search Engine Optimization and Extreme Awesomeness!

We built this site to inspire more attorneys and lawyers to really kick their marketing online into high gear. When 70% of your business is online searching for you, it should come as no shock that being right in front of them to be found is going to increase your business. It should also come as no shock that, especially with attorneys, how your site looks is critical to converting those casual visitors into actual paying clients. Have a bad looking site? Get no clients or bad clients. Have a great looking site? You'll still get the bad clients, but this time you will also get the great clients that will make it all worth while.

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