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Design Portfolio: Also Known As Our White Papers and Case Studies

Mmmmm Design Portfolio - All These Websites Sure Do Look Good!

Are You Looking At Me? These are just a sampling of our more recent designs that some from our team have put together. Do you want to be here? You can you know. All you need to do is Hire Our Team. It's really easy.

Are you a Designer? If so do you think it would be totally cool to be able to have a site that YOU designed up here? Well, we're always hiring. We're located in So Cal. If you're not we can still talk. Just take a minute, Contact Us, and introduce yourself to the team.



Our Wonderful Sites - What? THEY ARE!!!

Attorney DesignAttorney Marketing

Aimed at taking legal professionals' websites from beyond the cut-rate templates and nephew-designed sites so common in the online lawyer space, AMC builds websites, ranks those sites on the search engines and builds online marketing campains. They'll even build you a new logo that doesn't feature Times New Roman.

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Surgical DesignCosmetic Surgeon Website Design

We talk about one of our co-op designers companies where they offer website design services to plastic and cosmetic surgeons all over the world. Supplying design and marketing services that match the level of design of the surgeon themselves.

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Dealer DesignDealer Website Design

What do I have to do to get you in a new website today? We've got search engine friendly site designs fully built in CSS only driven by a little ole lady on Sundays! If your jalopy of a website just isn't climbing up the rankings or taking those corners like it should, c'mon on by and get your site redesigned today!

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Dental DesignDental Website Design

Here we discuss the best parts of designing for dentists, all of the used teeth! Dentures, Veneers, and let's not forget the laughing gas. Oh the friendly, friendly laughing gas. You should see the palette of colors we use in our designs!

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The Whole Enchilada - A Little Bit Of Everything Thrown In (clients)

Manufacturing DesignPrice Manufacturing Company

Wanting to establish themselves as the premier precision machining company online, as well as off, we developed the new Price MFG website to increase their visibility and client base. We developed an all new website that maximized the products and precision machined services that they offer to their manufacturing clients.

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Cyberknife of Socal

Cyberknife of Southern California at Vista offers new reasons to hope for patients with complex or inoperable Cancer tumors. With new, previously non-existant cancer treatment options, Cyberknife serves as an outstanding alternative for those ineligible for surgery or chemotherapy.

Click to Learn More - Gamma Surgery

P&H Asset Management

A Full Service Investment and Financial Planning Firm offering a wide range of wealth protection solutions and comprehensive financial plans. Combining sound investment strategies with tax considerations, estate planning and risk management, P&H maximizes the likelihood of clients achieving their goals and dreams.

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California Yellow Cab

We completely revamped this site from the ground up. A complete face lift that includes the addition of unique content and great new features that will help fares know how to use and navigate the site. A great new branding method.

Click to Learn More - Hail a Cab

Exclusive Mortgage Leads

One of our much older sites, but still an oldie but goodie. EML is one of the oldest mortgage lead websites online today and we were glad to bring their site up to 2007/2008 standards from its DW "layers" from 2001. Yeah, that old!

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VeterinarianFamily Member Vet

One of the first vets to get a new-fangeled website back in the 90s, the cutting edge veterinary hospital in Orange County needed their website brought up to date to reflect their level of personal care and attention to each pet, or 'furry family member' under their care.

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SEO / CSS Conversion Only - Look At You All The Way At The Top!

SoCal Mediator

A top California mediator. While we did not design this site, at all, we did make minor some changes, including a CSS conversion, that dropped the bounce rate by 10%. We've also been able to maintain this sites ranking within the very top.

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EHR softwareMedit Resources

Medit Resources leverages the very latest in todays technology to enhance productivity and maximize profitability while maintaining the personal touch that clients expect. They are the leading provider of EMR software and technology online today.

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"Classic" Designs - No SEO FOR YOU!

iMatrix Software

The leading provider of software that essentially runs the multi level marketing industry. Originally on a very unsearch engine friendly ASP platform we took the site and converted it into PHP and CSS as well as helped builed its SE relevance.

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All Premiums

A complete redesign from the ground up. We took the site from an iframe based site that was having trouble ranking, including optimizing their PPC campaigns, and installed a fresh new custom design and completely custom quote system.

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Toronto's Plastic Surgeon

A ground up design. We built this site including all content, flash, and php programming. We even helped in the selection of the domain. We are currently working on the hundreds of keywords available to us to achieve top search engine ranking.

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Archangel International

A security website. This was built using a complete Tableless design, Custom Flash, and integration of a specific feed. We also included a way to uploaded PDF's and other file formats for their resumes because we're cool like that.

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1 800 LoanShark

This is a site that we took a bite out of or attempted to take a bite out of anyway. Not only did we build custom search functions, a backend that allows the updating of Loan officers and rates, but we also constructed all of their print corporate identity package.

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Venture Heat

Hot! Hot! Hot! That's how some like it, or so we're told. This unique clothing company provides heated clothing for those who care to brave the elements. This site was an INTENSE programming project that took 100's of hours to complete. Check it out.

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